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Wednesday 13th November 2013

This week we are going to Crawley to cook a BBQ for a Christening party. We often travel to neighbouring county's for various events. The customer has chosen marinated minute steaks and marinated chicken thighs which will be cooked fresh on site. Our menus are a guide and not set in stone, they can be altered to suit you and your guests requirements. We are very excited as we have just had confirmation that we will be providing a hog roast for 400 troops all returning back to Britain after completing a lengthy tour. They have asked to be served within one hour, so we are going to have to work very quickly to make sure they all get to eat before seeing their friends and family again!

Monday 4th November 2013

Yesterday we attended a craft fair in Wimborne and set up just outside the main entrance, it was only a matter of time before the smell of the roasting pork hit everyone and they soon started to queue up! Even the cafe manager treated himself. We started setting up our marquee and equipment at about 830am and although heavy rain was forecast for most of the day we only saw about 10 minutes of it and the blue skies soon came back. A lot of people asked us for our business cards and enquired about our lamb roast option rather than pork. We can supply a free range lamb from Dorset cooked on the spit the same way as we would a pig. Some future customers have booked a lamb and hog roast for their event to give the guests a bit of variety.

If you are thinking about providing food at a farmers market, craft fair or anywhere where you charge on the day then my advice would be not to over estimate what you think you will sell as you then make a loss which isn't nice! Check the weather and also check to see if any other events are going on nearby which may affect the footfall at your event. These things can have a big impact on trade and the last thing you want is to be bringing a lot of left over pork home!

Friday 1st November 2013

Today we cooked 33kg of free range pork for a hog roast take away in Hampshire. The venue was holding a firework display and decided to serve hog roast as part of the package! We put the meat on at 0830 and let it cook over a 10 hour period at 125 degrees. This then creates 'pulled pork' which you can take apart with your hands! We put it into foil take away containers and delivered it piping hot to the venues kitchens for the staff to serve the guests! We have also been invited back next year to provide a hog roast for their fireworks display.

A lot of people ask us how do we get the crackling to taste so good. If you have ever cooked pork and ended up with soft crackling then it usually goes into the bin and its such a waste! Firstly we don't do anything to the hog prior to cooking it. Some people say they rub salt into the skin or poor cider over it but we decided not to do that. We start off by putting the pig on for 20-30 minutes on a very high heat. This is what creates the crispy crackling, once it looks good and is solid we turn the temperature down to about 135-150 degrees and leave it for about 10 hours. The crispy crackling snaps off after this time and it will taste great!

Wednesday 30th October 2013

Today went down well with everyone. Caribbean themed bbq which consisted of jerk chicken thighs and drumsticks, spicy steak mince beef burgers, spicy pork sausages and pork skewers. For the vegetarians we cooked some peppers stuffed with cous cous and goats cheese. The chicken takes the longest to cook so we put that on at 1030am followed by the sausages, burgers and skewers.

We were ready to serve everyone at the required time of 1300. One of the most common mistakes when cooking on a BBQ is not getting the meat cooked up to the right temperature of 75 degrees for at least 2 minutes. This ensures most bacteria which can give you food poisoning is killed. is It looks cooked on the outside after 4-5 minutes of cooking but don't be deceived by this! We recommend if you are cooking on a BBQ for you and some friends or family then get a temperature probe!

Sunday 13th October 2013

We have had a quiet week for a change, although we haven't been out catering for weddings or birthdays we have been doing some work on our website to make it quicker and more user friendly. The last thing we want is a customer not being able to navigate their way around or to be unclear on certain things so we try to make it as simple as possible. We even include our prices so people thinking about a hog roast or BBQ know exactly what the price will be and we don't charge any extra if it's a wedding.

A customer rung up for a last minute booking for Friday. They were travelling down to Hampshire from London for a weekend break and wanted some hot food for a house party. They ordered spit roasted lamb, fish fillets, lobster and oysters! We don't get many requests for sea food but its something we can provide. The fully cooked lobsters got sent to us overnight from Cornwall in an ice box, the oysters and fillets came fresh and straight off the boat at Mudeford Quay whilst the grass fed lamb came from Hampshire. We then split the lobster's and lightly grilled them whilst we boiled the oysters until they opened as well as preparing the lamb. They wanted it as a take away so we prepared it all at our premises and delivered it in our take away oven van!

We often get asked what can you do with left over pork. Our answer is use it for a stir fry, pork curry or if you wanted to you could make pork burgers! All of these recipes are simple to do and it saves it going into the bin. We follow the Food Standards Agency Guidelines with regards to storing and reheating pork or other meats. These guidelines are extremely good and we recommend taking a look to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

This week we are off to Dorchester to provide catering for a wedding. Then we are going to be preparing for bonfire night celebrations!

Check out our new Photo Gallery! After many requests we now have pictures from a few of our events across Dorset including Sandbanks beach, Bournemouth Beach and the RNLI in Poole, you can also see what our free range food look like! Feel free to give us your feedback.

Thursday 3rd October 2013

Our bookings for 2014 have been coming in fast over the last week, a lot of people are planning ahead for their weddings and parties in 2014 and it seems our choice of menus are becoming more and more popular! If you are planning an event and catering is required we advise booking it early.

We have just taken a last minute booking for a corporate hog roast take away in Verwood, Dorset. They are celebrating the launch of their new canteen and this time we are staying to serve the guests rather than just dropping it off. For just £50 we will supply a chef to serve the guests using our hotel quality chafer trays.

We are going to Ringwood, Hampshire on Saturday to provide a food for a birthday party, whilst the other team will be closer to home in Charminster, Bournemouth catering for a wedding!

Although we provide hog roast and BBQ catering across the South of England, we do enjoy catering in Bournemouth, its fun, the people are great and it is our home town!

You can follow us on twitter and Facebook to see what we have been up to and where we will be providing our next spit roast or BBQ. We have a few public events lined up over the next few months in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire which we are looking forward to.

It's that time of the year again! Christmas is only 2 months away and we often have our stalls at various Christmas fayre's throughout Dorset. There is nothing better than tucking into a hog roast on a cold winter night!

We have just launched our new mobile site to make it even easier for people to navigate their way around our website using their mobile devices! It looks great and is really user friendly!

Monday 24th September 2013

How much does a hog or lamb roast cost? That's just one of the many questions we get asked at our events. Another question that often gets asked is how long does it take to cook a pig and when we tell them that its been on for 10-12 hours they are amazed but we know that's why our food tastes so good! The meat is cooked for so long we can literally pull it apart with our hands it's so soft and tender!

This weekend has been ecellent! We have all been working hard since Friday and have already received good feedback from our customers. Friday we provided a BBQ at Branksome Dene Community Room for a lot of hungry students! Saturday we were off to Swindon for a surprise party, we also catered for a wedding in Bridport and Dorchester, and one of our events was for a 50th birthday party! A hog roast is a great choice of food, the cost per head is great and it suits any event!

Our feedback is something we are very proud of, there is nothing better than people returning for second helpings commenting on how good the food tasted, the customer emailing or telephoning to say how impressed they were with the whole service. It lets us know we have done a good job and gives us great satisfaction.

This week is not as busy, its starts to quieten down as we approach those cold winter months. We are going to a wedding in Salisbury on Saturday, we have a customer who wants to hire a hog roast machine in Poole with a free range pig already prepared and on the pole so they can cook and serve their wedding guests themselves and we also have a couple of take away's to deliver.

Sunday 15th September 2013

What a packed weekend its been. We spent a day planning our events for this weekend as there is so much behind the scenes work that goes on with pig roasts, turning up and serving the hundreds of customers is the easiest and most fun part. We had a last minute booking as the customer had been let down by the caterer so we sprung into action and took care of everything for them!

We have been to Poole for a pub fun day, bouncy castles, face painting, a few beers and a great spit roast made it a really good day. Whilst the guys were busy at the fun day I was busy delivering hog roast take aways throughout Dorset & I even popped over to Hampshire to drop one off! Christenings, birthdays, social club events all benefit from the take away as its less intrusive, but yet the same great food! Take Away Menu

Bookings for 2014 are coming in fast and its that time of year when people start to plan hog roasts or BBQ's for their weddings, anniversary's and birthday party's.

We have a DIY hog roast function later this evening. The customer carves and serves their guests themselves which is great fun for everyone!

Sunday 8th September 2013

Eton mess! That's what we made when we catered for a wedding in Salisbury yesterday! We had 4 members of staff who all worked really hard to ensure everything ran smoothly. The guests all commented on how good the hog roast meat tasted and how much they loved the desserts. We even provided crockery and cleared down the tables in between servings which is something we don't do often as you generally find spit roasts and BBQ's are not a sit down meal but we really enjoyed the day even though there was thunder and lightning!

The Bere Regis end of summer fayre which we also attended yesterday was excellent we had our marquee set up and sold hog roast in a fresh white roll with apple sauce and stuffing, hot dogs, cheese burgers and vegetarian BBQ items at great prices and we also took along gluten free options which people were really impressed with. The weather forecast didn't look good for Bere Regis but luck was on our side and the rain stayed away! We have had great feedback and will be visiting again soon.

On Friday we were on Bournemouth beach cooking a BBQ for an office party. They did forecast rain and it nearly got cancelled but luckily for us and the guests it stayed away, they chose the family BBQ selection which is a very popular BBQ and at a great cost per head. We also provided a wide variety of vegetarian options for the non meat eaters. It was great to be cooking on the beach again even though it was a bit windy!

Today we supplied a hog roast take away for a surprise birthday party in Bournemouth. We started cooking the hog at 11am, we carved it into foil take away containers and used our mobile oven van to transport the meat so it arrived piping hot. Everyone commented on how nice it smelt when we brought it inside. Our take aways in Bournemouth, Dorset are becoming more and more popular as time goes on and it wont be long before we open a hog roast take away this space!

Time to start planning this weeks events, we have a wedding BBQ near Dorchester, Dorset to cater for, a couple of carve your own (DIY), 3 take aways and 2 staffed spit roasts all in Poole and Bournemouth for a change! We have just ordered our pigs along with sausages, burgers and chicken from our local butcher in Bournemouth all of it is free range and farm fresh!

Wednesday 28th August 2013

We have had a good 4 days providing our great food! We went to Poole on Friday for a wedding party, unfortunately Portsmouth was rained off on Saturday but we still went to Lulworth Army Camp in the evening for a birthday party in the officers mess which was good fun!

Sunday we were up near Chippenham catering for a party. The day went really well and everyone loved the hog roast. We often get really nice feedback from people which is great for us as we know we are doing things right and people are enjoying themselves!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us and as it's the Bournemouth Air Show we hope the weather stays nice as one of our wedding party's is by the airport so hopefully we get a view of the jets doing their displays!

We regularly update our Twitter account so you can see what we get up to travelling the South of England providing great hog roasts and BBQ's!

All of our food can be served indoors during the cold winter months that are upon us. We can cook and carve from our marquee and bring the food inside so you get to enjoy it in the warm along with hot apple sauce, stuffing balls all inside a fresh roll. We are open to ideas at Christmas regarding food and have already booked a event which we are supplying a roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings at a great price, it takes the hassle out of you preparing and cooking it and not forgetting the washing up!

Friday 16th August 2013

A quieter week this week for the team. Makes a change from getting to bed late and getting up at the crack of dawn to prepare the pig before putting it into the machine, then start preparing for the event! We have been working most of the week and weekends so haven't had time to rest

We have been into Wiltshire for a lovely couples baby being christened, we had 2 events in Bournemouth and it was nice not to travel far from home for a change! The take away department have been busy delivering take away lamb and pork roasts to people's birthdays and other events, look out for the little take away van! This is a good option especially if you are hosting an event and charging people per head

Tomorrow we are off to Eastleigh for a lady's birthday bash and the other team are off to Lulworth Army Camp in Dorset for the evening. We have been to Lulworth camp twice now and enjoy catering for them. At Christmas they were all in fancy dress for the party and whilst we were cutting the crackling they were all playing drinking games in the bar!

August has been a busy month for the team and everyone has worked extra hard and gone that extra mile to ensure the customer gets the service they deserve. We have a few days off next week, lets hope the sun comes out so we can go to Bournemouth beach for a small BBQ!

Sunday 4th August 2013

We have just finished one of the busiest weekends this year. We provided a hog roast at the RNLI, Poole for a lovely couple who had just got married. All of the guests had a great evening and they also had a photo booth which was good fun

We also helped a company in Portsmouth celebrate their 40th year of being in business by feeding their 400 strong workforce with a BBQ which consisted of butchers free range sausages & burgers in homemade rolls. They had live music, candy floss, ice cream and plenty of other games to keep them busy!

Today we provided a hog roast in London for a bride and groom who had just tied the knot! They had salads to accompany the meal and there was plenty left for 2nd helpings. They said they wanted a spit roast for their wedding party as it was great tasting food and good value for money. Alongside that we provided take away's for people across Bournemouth and Poole

Now time to plan the next week. We have a hog roast for the Army in Blandford, a take away to be served at Branksome Dene Community Room in Poole and 2 weddings to cater for at the weekend!

Wednesday 24th July 2013

The weather has certainly been on our side this week! We have been all over Dorset and Hampshire catering for weddings and birthday party's. We also dropped off a fully cooked 45kg pig (DIY option) for the customer to carve and serve his guests at his birthday party in Bournemouth.

We held a BBQ on Bournemouth beach last night for a staff leaving party whilst the other team were busy cooking in New Milton for a team building corporate event and they were both fun

We have a few week day events including a BBQ on Sandbanks beach and a hog roast for a school in Poole which we are looking forward to.

The team are all working very hard to ensure the customers event runs as smoothly as possible, the take away side have been busy delivering food to events such as birthdays, christenings and office party's.

Lets hope the weather stays on our side for the rest of the summer but if it doesn't then we can also serve all of our food indoors if needed so you and your guests can still enjoy the food!

Sunday 14th July 2013

We have had another good week. A BBQ for a company next to Bournemouth airport, they have used us for the 2nd year in a row now and we are very grateful for this. The office staff had a choice of food menus all served in home made rolls, butchers sausages, chicken and burgers all free range and most of the staff took one of each!

We did 2 take away's on Friday evening. One for a stag party in Devon and the other for a teachers party in Blandford. We cooked the pork for 10 hours to ensure it tasted great, we then pulled of the crispy crackling, carved it into foil take away containers and delivered it to the event! Still piping hot with fresh rolls, apple sauce and a selection of salads! Our Take Away option is a cheaper alternative to a staffed event but with the same great tasting food!

Yesterday we had 2 birthday party's to cater for, one in Bournemouth and the other in Ludgershall, Dorset. Both great events the party in Bournemouth was fancy dress with cowboys and Indians running around a pub beer garden with a variety of bouncy castles and kids games which the adults used the most!

Our next event is Friday in Poole for a charity event which we are looking forward to!

Sunday 7th July 2013

We have been busy! We went to Wiltshire last night for a 50th birthday party the guests loved the food. We also provided our hog roast take away for a private party in Poole which went down well

We have a function on Wednesday for a corporate event then fully booked up Friday, Saturday and Sunday! With this weather we are having you should check out our prices or why not look at our hire section and become a chef for the day!

We are nearly booked up for 2013 and already have confirmed bookings for 2014! So if you are thinking of having great tasting food at your event whether its a wedding, birthday, celebration or a charity event then contact us, we will provide a hog roast or BBQ, its good fun, everyone loves it and its great value for money!

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